BTC Eyes $23K: Can BTC and ETH Recover from Dip?

• Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have not been able to halt their losses, trading below the $23,000 and $1,600 marks respectively.
• The current market sentiment is bearish, with investors hesitant to place any strong bids ahead of a critical week of economic developments in the US.
• There is a glimmer of hope as BTC and ETH are closely interconnected and any positive outcome for one cryptocurrency could have a favorable impact on the other.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), two of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, have been unable to halt their losses and are still trading in the red below the $23,000 and $1,600 marks, respectively. Traders are hesitant to place any strong bids ahead of a critical week of economic developments in the United States. This week will see the release of nonfarm payroll statistics and remarks by US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, making it a crucial moment for the market.

Risk-Off Market Sentiment

The global cryptocurrency market has been in a downward trend for the past few weeks, with prices falling across the board. The main reason for this decline is the bearish market sentiment, which has had a negative impact on the price of Bitcoin. However, this current market condition could also have an effect on the supply of BTC. As people lose confidence in the market, they may choose to sell their Bitcoin holdings, increasing the supply and driving prices down further.

Can BTC And ETH Recover?

Bitcoin has faced difficulties in rising above the $22,800 level, and if bears succeed in pushing its price below its current level then its next support level would be at $21,480. Meanwhile Ethereum’s lack of trading activity around its $1,500 mark indicates hesitation among buyers and sellers alike.

Silvergate Suspension Impact

There is however some hope amidst this dip as investors may consider Silvergate suspension as only minor setback rather than major negative event; thus potentially not lasting long due to Bitcoin’s significant capitalization that is closely interlinked with Ether’s performance too – any positive outcome for one having favorable impact on other’s value too!


With all these factors taken into account it remains difficult to predict how this situation will play out exactly but there are signs that point towards positive outcomes should risk-off sentiment diminish in near future or if Silvergate suspension turns out not being significant enough factor affecting Crypto markets after all!